Process Management

Quality is one of the most important issues together with price and timing, whenever any item is purchased.Price and timing of any project can be discussed in detail before any purchase is made.It is essential that any client undertaking a project checks all the credentials of any vendor. It is for this reason that Karma FF&E have over the years forged a great reputation for our professionalism, honesty and integrity. When and if a problem occurs other vendors may back out of responsibility. We however will try and foresee any problems and resolve them straight away immediately putting the clients mind at rest.


in Terms of

Quality Input Stages

1.Sharing the specification documents and drawings



Karma FF&E provide price proposals for the project based on specifications and drawings.

3.Shop Drawings

Before we start a project we prepare shop drawings in detail and get confirmation from the client and or the purchasing agent/designer.

All the products in the tender list or in the specification submittals should be made according to our addendum below.


4.Finish Submittal Matrix

Once the client provides us actual control samples and clear instructions regarding material finishes, we prepare strike off samples exactly the same as the clients control samples to show the product as it will appear at the end of the project.

Finish Submittal Matrix

5.Textiles Worksheet

If there is any upholstery in the list the C.O.M (customers own material) or C.O.L (customers own leather) will need to be supplied. We will then follow that process very closely to ensure the production completes to the clients expectations.

Textiles Worksheet


Based on any major change along the way, regarding to the shop drawings, material finish or textile choice changes, we re-quote the prices.

7.Inspection Report

Once all parties agree on all details we will commence with production. We will prepare a production schedule and inspect regularly.

8.Finished Products

Photographs/Images are sent to the client throughout the project. We are at last then able to deliver our fantastic products to site.